First Step to
Great Venture

Startup College is one of the leading startup communities in Hong Kong. Comprising young entrepreneurs and early-stage startups, we aims to provide a comprehensive online platform for collaboration and sharing.

Three Main Objectives


To convey the spirit of entrepreneurship to Hong Kong university students.


As a bridge between HK startup community with China and overseas.

To foster a sustainable startup ecosystem in HK.

Our Services

In the near future, Startup College will continue to develop and evolve. Some of the projects under consideration includes:

  • Startup Database
  • Monthly Gatherings
  • Career / Enrichment Talks

We will also collaborate with various startup groups in Hong Kong to achieve synergies, structurally presenting available resources to local college startups.

Our Community

The facebook group, consists of around 1,300 members, provides a place for peer interaction, keeping our ecosystem vibrant and alive.

Keep In Touch

Your feedback is of utmost importance to us, feel free to contact us here or follow us:

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